Not sure how this went, boys were pretty stuffed after cross country. 

Xiliet went down 4-1. Everyone a bit flat.

Ollie, Aakiwa, Zach and a mixed team had a good game on Thursday night 6-4!


Bailey, Kavya, Bryn and Aakiwa won their match, the coach reporting that Kavya was again snapping in goals, and Bailey’s hitting was starting to get strong. Good!

Ben played a strong match in their game against Awakeri, in which Ethan had a much better game. Got a good tackle on Callum and was harder in his passes.

On the south side everytime I looked over Harry was running riot, then he smashed in a monster ,,PC and a bit later Oloz sunk a sweet goal from the left. Mitch also getting involved in much more play. Meanwhile on the other team there were some classy moment, with Leon and Luke putting in a serious last second effort to try equalize.

Then it was the young guns turn to topple the Xieliet in a goal heavy match 7-5. Ollie constructing heaps of play, and Zach finishing really well from the top of the D, Zach’s scoring a lot of goals from wide out taking the shot early. Caleb got a goal toward the end which involved a nice lead up run. In the orange, Derrick put strength into their defence, tackling and clearing strong. LukeR won the 50-50 ball, distributed to the wings and involved in heaps of play. Dylan got a nice deflect into the goal and poached another from Noah. Noah put in some power plays with plenty of boost in his speed around the turf.


Rained Off


This report is just on what Kent got to see and hes starting asking a few coaches to text through any commentary to add.

 I got down to the turf about 5 PM, and caught the two Waiotahi teams battling it out on the North. It was reallly good to see half the team in bibs, because they have the same colour. It was difficult to then watch the following games with all 12 players in the same colour. Get organized teams. Kent can give you bibs if you know your playing the same coloured team.

Over on the South, the Young Guns were cashing in on goals with a big victory over Awakeri. Ethan and another fast kid were doing plenty of hard work trying to slow them down.

The next game was Koru vs Navy. Pretty difficult to watch, and plenty of yucky hacking going on, mixed in with some really skillful play. Harry sunk an incredible shot in the final minute which should have won them the game, but a refereeing decisions didn’t go his way. A lucky escape.

  Earlier, Xiliet notched up 10 goals against Taraweras 4. Caleb, Ryan, Zac and Ollie all getting 2 goals, and playing a wide game with some mean passing.



This report is just on what Kent got to see. Plenty more went on that he didn’t catch up on.

The game is mostly watched was the team that played the primary bunch. They took it 6-5, but really the it was the primary troop that took it to them. Luke Rothwell picked up two goals in his first game. A stick got snapped. Ngai latched onto a good running ball to score. Epa set up Luke for a backstick deflection. The boss at the back from Ohope, what a strong game!

In the other game Ollie has a big performance, and Zach smacked in two boomers.

Awakeri came in for a wicked battle. A top moment of the night when Bryn fired a pass to Kavya, took it running upfield on his backhand, moved left and kept it close while he looked into the circle, then fed it straight onto Aakiwi who slotted it home. 3/4 lenght of field play over in 8 seconds.