ROUND 1 vs OHOPE - APRIL 29th 7.30-9.00 pm'

We have had great discussion with the Whakatane Mens Committee and are please to announce a new team. Its a brilliant line up featuring a skilled mix of young  to less young. Its a non-comittal based team, meaning you can be part of the Moas but theres no expectation to committ, so you choose when you want to play, we make it easy for your brilliant hockey.

Cost: $10 per game. 

After $80 you play for free.

Play at least 3 games to play in the finals.

Team strip: Red socks (available at Whakatane Rebel or from Kent)
Black shorts. White t-shirt. Red bib (currently on order and will be supplied, going to be screen-printed with number and hopefully Moa logo).

Other teams: Ohope, Marist, Whakatane. We will play each three [3] times in pool play, for a total of 9 pool games. The 10th week will be finals, top two for 1st/2nd, bottom two for 3rd/4th.

I hope to link a blog to this page so we can easily share info and confirm whos in, whos out each week.

We don’t have values, slogans, etc,…but will be going out to represent the extinct bird each week. In recognition of the Giant North Island Moa, we are the Apanui Moas 2019.

Team draft:
Kent Jacobsen
Alex Jacobsen
Callum Giles
Ashleigh Giles
Kavya Naik
Shilp Naik
Paul Scholes
Leon Scholes
Quinn Pak
Skie Marton (GK)
Andrew Attwell
Hayden Green
Regan Hammond
Wayne Secker
Luke Vos 
Nikora Ruawai
Raoul Fenandez
Paul Scholes
Ollie Fredrickson
-Aakiwa Te Aho

21 players in the squad so no reason why we can’t get 16 each week. Keep in mind its 70 minute games and subs are vital. Everyone plays every quarter. Game on!

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