[Game 21 was contested at The Mount, Beachside on the 1st September 2017]

“Ryans featured from start to finish, his work rate was mammoth, he scored off a PC, terrorized the circle, fed the other attacks. He’s been patient hopping around a few other positions and giving boys game-time, so tonight he got the full game and truly made it his own. Ryan, for the competition final,  you were theBonecrusher.". 


[Game 20 was contested at Tauranga Boys on the 26th August 2017]

“Cody got a bunch of tackles in during the first and second halves, he hit strongly from the side to releive pressure, and played good strong hockey. As did most of the boys,  however you elevated  your game with a BONECRUSHER special to dive at high speed into the goal mouth and kept them OUT!". 


[Game 19 was contested at Mt Maunganui Beachside on the 18th August 2017]

“Sirius went for everything. No opportunity missed. The best form of defense is attack. Chased at full pace,  sprinting with indcredible footwork. Up against bigger opponents, attack. Get them before they get  you. To tackle her, stand you ground". 


[Game 18 was contested at Mt Maunganui Portside on the 11th August 2017]

“Skie keeped them scoreless. Thats his job, job done. Solid keeping in both halves. Skies playing great hockey, and getting in some big saves on Friday earns him a shut-out, against a very decent Bethlehem Boys Intermediate". 


[Game 17 was contested at Mt Maunganui Portside on the 28th July 2017]

“Brad just gets better, and this week we saw these new late poach tackles use to great effect, at least 3 times in the first half alone. He also sunk his tomo shot, and almost had another that Ryan tipped in. His work-rate was as good as ever and some mean new yellow shoes cut the opposite apart all game. A skilful match from the team captain". 


[Game 16 was contested at Mt Maunganui Beachside on the 7th July 2017]

“After getting a late play last week Casey built on goal tally for the year by launching in 2 solid goals. His 2 goals were backed up with another 4 decents shots including a tomo deep on the baseline. In other play Casey is collecting the through-balls, turning inside defenders and setting up the others when options are on". 


[Game 15 was contested at Mt Maunganui Portside on the 30th June 2017]

“It was instant, from the ref starting the game, LUKE WAS ON FIRE. We all wanted to know what he had eaten, becuase what was happening on the field was immense. Linking with both wingers, getting back on support, and rushing their space. Luke has scored nearly 1 goal in every game, and tonight he bought a different performance, a performance with a big workload, his best yet for the bones, so Luke you are BONECRUSHER ". 


[Game 15 was contested at Harry Barker - Gisborne on the 29th June 2017]

“When the pressure is on, the suns is blazing and the heat from the games intensity burns like fire, Finn was outstanding. Playing deeper in the midfield he started organising and lifting the others around him. In the last 5 minutes he would of intercepted 10 balls and blitzed them back into the strike zone making a huge contribution to winning the war that was Gisborne ". 


[Game 14 was contested at Harry Barker - Gisborne on the 28th June 2017]

“Harry played a terrific match, tackles, intercepts, great passing to feed the midfield and attackers. A massive game from Big H with comments from support and staff backing up this decision that Harry = BONECRUSHER ". 


[Game 13 was contested at the Portside Turf - Mt Maunganui on the 23rd June 2017]

“Callum, the very first bonecrusher is back. He first won the award with a solid goal, and he done it again, this time putting in a big performance all over the field in a game were we down to our bare bones with no subs. The goal crashed through the gap between the keeper and the left hand post. Throughout the match he faught some serious battles down the left hand sideline  and mixed it up nicely with finding his inside mids ". 


[Game 12 was contested at Smallbone Park and Taupo Turf on the 16th June 2017]

“Some of the boys in this team have been given part of their game to improve, for Ashliegh it was hitting the ball. Over the last month Ashliegh has been building strong hits into his game, and this Friday he smashed countless free-hits, penalties and field play move upfield with strong hitting. During 6-a-side he triggered a great move that involved a defensive hit and Callum/Finn helped with a 7 second goal. Particularly hitting, but with heaps of other tactical moves Ashleigh is improving very fast, this week Ashleigh you are the bone crusher". 


[Game 11 was contested at Stadium Horizon on the 9th June 2017]

“Harry is bringing more tactical play each week. Now looking upfield to make his pass or holding the ball if nothings is on. Making heaps of intercepts, and some serious tackling and turnovers has earnt Big H the title of bone crusher. Harry is playing some mean hockey, crushing attackers that cross his path". 


[Game 9 & 10 were contested at Smallbone Park and Taupo Turf on the 3rd June 2017]

“Carter stepped up against the Taupo team and got stuck straight into them. Backing up not just a good game in Rotorua, but the way he always bringing class to the field. Stuck a solid clean goal in Game 1. Took captaincy in Game 2 in difficult conditions to play in their face, brush off endless hacks, and tackle anything beyond reach”. 


[Game 8 was contested at Blake Park Turf on the 2nd June 2017]

“Ryan scored some big goals tonight. Frequently tore off down the right wing and got stuck in back-tackling. Often winning that ball in the space where whos going in to attack the ball will come out winning it. He kept several moves in play be deflecting base line shots, and set up some nice goals for others Ryan is playing with some incredible form, congratulations Ryan, first Double Bone Crusher”. 


[Game 7 was contested at Bethleham Turf on the 26th may 2017]

“Cody moved into the centre defense tonight and as always, dismantled their centre attack, got involved in plenty of play, and not just tonight, but all through grading Cody has remembered what his job is, and tonight, the consistent performances has made him this weeks Bonecrusher”. 


[Game 5&6 was contested at Tauranga Boys College on the 19th may 2017]

“Bailey moved to the right side of the field, it was like taking the greyhound of its collar. Lots of space to run up and down, with some fantastic circle passes. His stong push passes were a highlight of the night, Baileys best hockey this year and a good game for him to teach our forwards to be prepared, the ball is coming and its coming quick”. 


[Game 4 was contested at Stadium Horizon (Warren Park) on the 13th may 2017]

“Ryan got pulled off after about 10 minutes to be given the job to shut down their fast and skilled CF. He did, time and time again, refusing to let her break, backtackling and choking her space like a fishbone stuck in your gullet”. 


[Game 2&3 was contested at Stadium Mt Maunganui on the 5th May 2017]

“Finn played two solid games, and finished off a goal from an incredible build up. Chased hard and started both games by attacking them with Carter from the whistle which they made good possession from both times”. Zak you were close and we will remember that save.


[Game 1 was contested at Stadium Horizon on the 11th April 2017]

“Callums last proper hockey game was probably half field for his primary school,…stepping up against a highschool team he put 2 goals away in his first game."