A tribute to the teams that shaped the AIMS Games


Whakatane Intermediate School  entered for AIMS GAMES.

We will be enetering this competition ranked fourth. 


4th place. It only took two quick goals against us in the semi-final, and then a chance for the bronze medal also slipped away. Harry and Carter getting the team awards, both having great tournaments. Cory got a bunch of goals and Kavya snapped two in the quarter-final. 


Whakatane Intermediate School crowned NZ champions.

Vance ran the field with a defenders mask to score.

In a stroke-off to top the pool, Manutai scored from the last of the 10 penalty strokes to win 1-0. 


2nd Place including a fierce final that at 2-2 full time, came down to a stroke off. Second best team, massive effort!

Great to see these players like Gregan and Vance now playing in the highschool and mens competition.

Won by Berkley Normal Middle School.


Won by Tauranga Intermediate


Won by Cobham Intermediate