Welcome to WISHBONES 2019 - Kent will be running morning trainins for Hatch Cup and AIMS kids plus younger or slightly older kids wanting to get their hockey skills improved.

6.30 am Tuesday - Potential Hatch Cup Kids
6.30 am Wednesday - AIMS kids


If its raining, you make the call. Kent will usually go down, if its marginal we can shelter under the foyer.

Kent cellphone: 0272781983
Kent email: info@wishbones.co.nz


        NEWS - 2019

Well done to those selected for AIMS 2019

Trainings this week starting 13 AUG 2018

MONDAY either 6 pm or 7.30 pm - MOAS
TUESDAY 6.30 AM (MORNING) - wishbone training
WEDNESDAY 6.30 AM (MORNING) - wishbone training
THURSDAY nothing
FRIDAY  nothing 


ANY PHOTOS or INFO to add PLEASE!!! Love posting stuff. Send to info@wishbones.co.nz

The website develops throughout the year. Looking forward to 2018.


Hi, welcome to the hockey season.

Hockey is underway. 

For those new to the website, this is a little site that is run for the kids and for the Apanui Moas mens. Its where information about hockey is posted online, including draws, news and results. For the kids it focusses on primary and intermediate school kids, with an emphasis of nurturing players for the Whakatane Intermediate AIMS GAMES teams and BOP HATCH CUP.

If you scroll down on the left is an instant message box, Kent recieves these usually daily. If you take a pic during the game you can email to info@wishbones.co.nz and it will get posted on the site.

Any player that wants to be listed under the 2018 CREW, just email info@wishbones.co.nz and attach an awesome picture. You can see the pics from last years team to get an idea, and if any old bones want their pic updated or removed just let me know. Otherwise its a fun and exciting website for you to explore.

To let you know the latest news and training scheduled for the week, scroll down and have a read. Thanks for supporting you son is playing hockey. They will develop their skills for this fast and slick game, and be able to transfer them to other sports while making great memories for themselves when they run onto the turf to represent whatever team they are playing for.

Please be mindful that WISHBONES is completely free, free trainings, with free turf useage thanks to the great staff at Apanui, and when we show up to train its expected we work hard, listen, and keep each other playing well.