6th place, last, but a performance from the underdogs that was exciting, fast and only conceeding 4 goals all tournament. A proud and comitted effort from CBOP.

 The day started with a flat minivan battery so Ngamihi rounded up the parents and when Kent arrived everyone was ready to go. Except for a few uniforms, but that sorted itself out,... please remember to give back the strips/clothes after you have washed them. Particular those that didn’t have strips which we had to borrow from the girls.

We started out against BOPdev with Callum causing us problems which included Ryan saving a huge strike he laid down. The game maybe swung our way a bit in the second half, but Ryan kept us in the game and Ben went for everything in his path. Ethan saw his first game of 11-a-side hockey, and put in an outstanding effort, stuck into the work from the getgo. 

Next we took it to the Tauranga Hatch Cup team, sometimes they camped in our D, but we also were prepared to camp there too. Sticks down, clears, tackles, saves. That kept happening and finally they cracked us to score. Then came the second half, wave after wave of Luke Vos up the guts. Unstoppable, unplayable, unesacapable, and in a captains lead, gave the boys the platform to keep them scoreless for the second half. Aakiwa tricked them into his space, stole ball, cleaned up. Leon, outstanding. In this game you mastered how to defend as an inner, always there, alwyas fast, leading the offense back upfield. Ryan went from strength to strength with another bunch of big saves. Ethan chased them down time and time again, solid defence. Harry was in heaps of plays and Ben tackled everything that came his way.

We finished with a 2-0 loss but in rain, sun, whatever, we threw in plenty on attack, streched their defence and built our passes. Bryn said goodbye to his holiday, logged in, and then probed away at their attack moving fast ball upfield. Ethan backed up his previous performance, and again Harry went solid. Luke fed, ran, tackles, you name it. Aakiwa, protects the ball, plays away, keep the ball on his stick, breaks open the play. Kavya put in some punishing midfield work, Quinn put his Austrian retlag to rest and got into a heap of play on the wing. Ngai and Aakiwa ran shop on defence. Joe was brilliant, stepped  up to recieve the PC and got his shot away, tackled the return, and got another push at the goal. Caleb saved his best 10 minutes for the end, decided to run with the ball which got the team momentum and possession. Oroz made some really good strikes and fed the circle several times. A loss, but a good finish.


Callum put in a power play with scores locked at 1-1 to overcome Poverty Bay, where he fed a ball to Patrick who completed the damage, a 2-1 win.

Harry opened the scoring in their second game which they had a crusiy win over Poverty Bay. Ashliegh took all his passes and then unleashed some monster crosses. Epa was confusing with ball, running many metres while they seemed to never know when to try a tackle. Spun a few people now and then. In the final they took a 1-0 defeat to Tauranga. Played good hockey but got met with good hockey.

Kia Ora Ngamihi for kindly managing the CBOP crew today. 

So much thanks to the parents, from all Whakatane Parents, you made for a great day and it was a huge boost of depth today for Central Bay Hockey.

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