Bay of Plenty Hatch Cup LADS

From Left: Zach & Ritual, Epa and watch, Harry & tourbag, Ash and the elephant. Great photo ZEHA!

BOP HATCH - 3rd at Somerville Cup

BOP Dev at Lord Ellesmere

The BOP Hatch Cup had 3 shabby games before getting some passing going to knock over Waikato 2-0 in their final match where Zach made 2 brilliant saves, Ash run a brilliant tactical dribble, Epa created the plays and Harry won the Bully and almost nailed a closer.

In other Games Harry smashed home a PC, Zach made a brilliant glove save and Ashliegh hit an aerial ball out of the danger pocket.

In the dev it sounds like the reffing to terrible, but the boys went hard and all in the pool finished equal. They got a few wins including a big 5-1 over Counties to finish with. Callum set up another monster goal and finished off a few. Patrick and Ollie played a big role an all the games.

Plenty of high level mens hockey was on, a good eye opener for the boys. Zach met the high-rollers of the NZ mens black-sticks and got his wishbone hoodie signed by the NZ captain Arun Panchia and Aidan Sarikaya. Harley gave us the royal tour of the Stadium and lent us the caretakers shed to cut down Ashes new lowbow with 3D face.

Plenty of awesomeness everywhere and yip, Kristen have a better setup than the Apanui Turf Square, although, our little training zone comes with a beach, a woodwork class, a mandarin orchard and a few other surprised that Harbour doesn’t have!

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